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Anonymous asked: it's me again, the anon with a crush on her best friend. so, I asked her if there was a chance and she responded, "I'm as straight as uncooked spaghetti noodles. I'm sorry." I just don't understand why people are set with one gender.. I feel like I could give we what she wanted and more but I respect her response completely. We still act the same and she'll still hold my hand in public.. but sometimes I just want to pull her body against mine (with consent) and trace her lips with mine...

Oh no )~: I’m sorry to hear that petal.

Don’t even blame it on a set gender, because her views on people are her own personal feelings. And say you were born male, the universe may have still made you the best of friends.

But you can take her as an example. Now you know what you’re looking for in someone, and you can easily find the same types of qualities in someone else.

And who knows, maybe down the road she’ll realize she does like you in that way. You never know! But I wouldn’t dwell on it sweet pea. There’s someone out there that’s perf for you.

tr33s asked: I'd love to tie you up! ;3

it’s a deal xo